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Ochre at Home (OAH) is a Kolkata-based design studio, which specialises in crafting bespoke furniture, and curating unique artworks and home décor accessories. OAH’s name is an ode to auspicious and festive Indian celebrations, where the hue ochre or haldi is used. The colour ochre symbolises a veritable golden beginning, which is brought to life by Ochre at Home.

This by-appointment-only studio’s distinctive pieces are a collection of stories. Inside each furniture piece lies an ageless tale of Indian tradition, creativity and artistry. The storytellers are Sweta Arya and Ajay Arya, with Ajay as the principal designer, who imbibes each piece with high-quality design, execution and workmanship. Ochre at Home is celebrated for their bespoke furniture. Each piece showcases a blend of traditional and contemporary design aesthetic, which reaches a new dimension with the exciting interplay of rich materials. Moreover, the studio offers a range of striking home décor pieces that are curated from leading international brands, and exquisite artworks by famous Indian artists.

Professional excellence combined with the creative imagination of Ajay Arya has made us the favoured choice for those looking for timeless furniture and home accessories. OAH does not just craft furniture, and curate home décor pieces, it endeavors to create a luxurious lifestyle that has a global appeal while celebrating Indian craftsmanship.


Ochre at Home is well-known for their bespoke furniture and accent pieces exhibiting imaginative designs, which are rooted in tradition. The by-appointment-only studio offers handcrafted furniture that can be customised to create nuanced design narratives in any space. OAH’s furniture showcases the brand’s trademark innovative designs, fine craftsmanship and luxurious material palette. The studio’s collections have an exquisite design aesthetic, while still being highly functional. OAH’s bespoke furniture is effortlessly magnificent and is a testament to their focus on crafting furniture in an environmentally sustainable manner.


Ochre at Home’s Contemporary Collection is an ode to luxury living. It features one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that showcase luxe materials such as semi precious stones along with simple and intricate detailing. The brand believes that your home is your haven, where you dine, work, sleep, dream and live. Through the Contemporary collection, Ochre at Home has defined a visual language and aesthetic, which is unique and identifiable.

This Contemporary Collection includes furniture pieces with timeless aesthetics that will live with you forever. A perfect blend of path breaking and modern, the range showcases unique designs, flawless craftsmanship and luxury. The range’s statement tables, chairs, mirrors, sideboards and sofas meet the emotional and aspirational needs of a refined and elegant international clientele. The series is a curated range of modern furniture pieces that embrace Ochre at Home’s unmatched workmanship and the brand’s dedication to uncompromising quality.


This console reflects our love for the design style. While its base is clad in a grey and walnut burl veneer and top in a rare Greek marble.


Material play performs a big role in emphasising the constituents- marble inserts surrounded by mirror shapes create a design element that has both, a certain delicacy and gravitas.


The Bricks Coffee Table is an oval shaped table with a visually striking base made with wooden bricks in a burl finish. The tabletop is in onyx, which could be customised in various other finishes as well. The Bricks Coffee Table has a smaller side table to match that is equally stunning! These ultra-chic coffee and side table channel timeless glamour.


Complementary contrasts: solidly grounded in a high-gloss lacquered piano black base, this coffee table assumes a lighter appearance upwards with a eucalyptus veneer top. Connecting both these contrasting planes are delicate brass rods that serve as legs. The inlay of chevron-patterned lapis lazuli lends an expected and pleasing shot of colour to the top, while the base has slim storage is handy to put away small, yet necessary, items.


Vintage wow! A Victorian easy chair turns into a fun, sparky piece by teaming its dignified teakwood carved frame with a combination of fabrics from Atmosphere. A lovely and unusual addition to eclectic interiors — especially a study corner or a library — this piece is a tasteful example of classic meets chic.


The India Luxury Collection by Ochre at Home is a celebration of India’s rich cultural heritage. It is inspired by Indian architecture, textiles and motifs of a bygone era. The series comprises a range of modern furniture pieces that feature traditional Indian influences. With this collection, Ochre at Home continues to design innovative and stimulating pieces that are deeply rooted in Indian heritage.

The collection is embedded in indigenous craft and materiality, evoking iconic memories specific to India. The India Luxury Collection blends Ochre at Home’s one-of-a-kind artistry with luxurious craftsmanship and timeless design. The furniture’s exquisite materials add to their pristine and palatial allure. This sculptural, yet super functional collection is perfect for a formal dinner party or an intimate gathering with close friends!


The Arched Console elevates any space into an imaginative and thoughtful environment. This piece of furniture has been inspired by age-old, palatial indian architecture. The Arched Console features a series of arches with balconies and multiple stairways that create a mystical look. The one-of-a-kind console is finished in a charcoal colour from the outside and a vanilla colour from the inside.


Comfort makes a return with our statement Arc Sofa! A four-seater sofa in a subtle grey velvet, this sofa comes with quilted cushions in off whites, greys, mustards and turquoise. Our Arc Sofa features two-toned polished wooden legs and beautiful quilting detail at its base. This sofa showcases a combination of Indian craftsmanship and luxurious design, brought together in a unique manner.


Bengal’s rich inheritance of classical architectural is echoed in the vintage Navami console. With solid wood pillar-like legs crafted with inlay work and a moulded marble top, the furniture piece embodies timeless appeal. The console can be teamed with a mirror for a beautiful composition.


Delicacy, intricacy, fine craftsmanship and regal distinction come together in the incredible Samode Peg table, inspired by the palaces of Rajasthan, especially its namesake Samode Palace with its richly ornamented pillars, mirror-mosaic walls and vibrant frescoes. The dainty floral top poised on a slim pedestal features evocative motifs inlaid into wood with malachite and mother of pearl.


Perch, Ochre at Home's delicately hand-carved Victorian peg table, is styled in solid teak and finished in walnut burl top with a matte white base. This vintage table is an elegant, playfully whimsical piece that will fit every home.


Spark your imagination with Ochre at Home’s new furniture pieces that push the boundaries of form, materials and technique. The Modern Collection comprises imaginative pieces of furniture that have a global sensibility. These statement pieces meet the needs of a sophisticated international clientele. Ideal for formal and informal settings, the series features modern furniture pieces that have a fun twist. They are intended to add joy to the spaces they inhabit!

Ochre at Home’s Modern Collection weaves an opulent visual tapestry and adds a touch of luxurious charm to any space. Clean lines, sleek proportions, geometric patterns, exquisite fabrics, and playful details are the highlights of this collection. The attention to detail and distinctive form of this range, make it a hallmark in furniture design. The Modern Collection is perfect for hosting and unwinding at home. It is designed to make guests feel at home, albeit in style.


The top of this piece is reinterpreted as a bouquet of three discs, each with a smart, striking handpainted pattern that will add a touch of arty chic to your space. the wooden base has been given an open-pore matt polish.


A chunky end table, the Hidden Pillar Table features exquisite soaked oak and open pore matte finishes. It has a circular, pillar-like element in the centre, which is visible at various sections. This geometric yet sculptural table showcases the brand’s focus on design innovation, intricate detailing and one-of-a-kind workmanship.


Tiered and tasteful! Add pizzazz to dull corners or give that prim sofa a quirky companion with this striking yet practical two-level table that plays with geometric forms. The lower level, discreet and hidden away, can be useful for stowing away stuff you need at hand: a small tray, a book, a pair of glasses "


Ochre at Home's Manhattan Console, with compositions of various rectangles posed at different angles, is born out of our love for contemporary art — evidenced by Bose Krishnamachari’s ‘Stretched Bodies’ (from our private collection) gracing the wall. The console — more art than furniture — draws heavily from New York’s modern architectural forms and asymmetry of design. This design in matte-finished stained oak accentuated with hammered brass inserts makes it a definitive winner for lovers of contemporary style. "


Drawing inspiration from the minimal elegance of Origami, this accent table strikes a taut balance between creativity and sophistication. The delicacy of the Japanese art is interpreted in solid teak as a fluted ring, teamed with hammered brass. It can easily be the conversation piece of any design story.


Artworks and home décor accessories are an integral part of interior decoration. Ochre at Home offers a wide selection of unique design accessories that are painstakingly hand-picked from all over the world, as well as a well-curated art collection featuring works by renowned Indian artists. The studio’s home décor pieces include one-of-a-kind vases, sculptures and utilitarian objects like bookends, platters, candle stands, etc. Made of traditional materials such as ceramic, glass and metal, these home décor accessories add a refined look to any space.


“Art is a language meant to speak the things that can’t be said.” – John Demarco.

No matter the size or type of home you live in, art should always find a place in your home. Artworks are not only a way to express yourself and showcase your personality, but also are a great way of personalising any space. Ochre at Home has carefully curated a selection of artworks by upcoming and established Indian artists. These artists include Seema Kohli, Bose Krishnamachari, Mousumi Biswas, Pradeep Jogdand, Vineet Kacker, Vinita Karim and Sandeep Jigdung amongst others. The studio curates artworks of a wide range of styles. These comprise Abstract Art, Figurative Art, Impressionism Art, Contemporary Art, Realism and more. 



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