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A handful of years ago when the idea of an haute-on-style furniture and design studio germinated in Sweta Arya’s mind, the first step towards making it a reality involved selecting a name that would capture its essence: forward-looking, yet rooted in tradition. And what better than Haldi — Ochre — auspicious, festive, glowing, bright... symbolising a veritable golden beginning! Thus was born Ochre at Home. ‘Ochre at Home’ (OAH) is a Kolkata-based design company specializing in bespoke furniture that is au courant with upcoming styles and trends. The start-up headed by Sweta Arya and with Ajay Arya (having 18 years of experience in Interior & Furniture Design) as principal designer the studio combines high-quality design, execution and craftsmanship with immaculate finishing and innovative embellishing.

The by-appointment-only Studio pampers the design-driven heart with choices that are new-age modern with a classic twist. Given the emotional investment that goes into making a home, it gives a touch-and-feel experience of the set-ups with mood board presentations and material swatches that help the client visualise their choices more effectively.

Handcrafted and made in India, OAH pieces can be customized to fit into the interior designing of a space to create nuanced design narratives centered around statement products. Here, effortlessly stylish designs and limited edition pieces are made to order to present an entire look that can mark the client’s style statement with exclusivity.

To complete the design offering, OAH also offers a range of design accessories that are painstakingly hand-picked from all over the world with a view of being home in discerning interiors, while the well-curated art collection features works by renowned artists.

OAH does not just create furniture, and curate accessories, OAH endeavors to create the art of lifestyle with Indianness that is at par with international standards of finish and luxe.

Timeless, classic, modern and stylish... OAH is a hub of luxury designs befitting fine life with a breath of fresh creative air.

Accent Furniture

Canvas tote

Origami Accent Table

Drawing inspiration from the minimal elegance of Origami, this accent table strikes a taut balance between creativity and sophistication. The delicacy of the Japanese art is interpreted in solid teak as a fluted ring, teamed with hammered brass. It can easily be the conversation piece of any design story.

Origami White China Blossom

Roses and cream: evocative of Origami’s delicate folds, this peg table calls to mind a picture of grace and sophistication: exquisite lace, fine water colours, glinting crystal… Finished in porcelain-like lacquer, its hand-painted posies of spring flowers will add elegance and joie de vivre to any design story.

Twin Console

Duality defines the form and function of the Twin Console, where two occasional table-like elements — featuring Oak veneer in either matte or high gloss — are linked by a horizontal, white-lacquer porcelain-finish member bedecked with hand painted spring flowers. Use it either as a console or a beautiful divider.

Asian Tub Chair

Comfortable, striking and subtly zen with an oriental motif inlaid on its back, Ochre at Home's tub chair features high-gloss lacquered teak wood in China white. The black version is one of the studio’s popular designs — and is currently on display. Upholstered in Kanchi’s 'Soleh' fabric, its gently curved profile adds comfort to a stylish personality.

Vector Coffee Table

Strongly architectural in form and detailing, this statement coffee table brings together unusual materials – veneer, brass and leather – as a 3D vector pattern on its top. The dominant straight-lined geometry is offset by the bevelled edges of the top and the gently fluted legs, both finished in black-lacquered piano finish. A piece that will be right at home in a modern-luxe setting!

Sculptural Table

An Ajay Arya sculptural dining table, crafted and finished in hammered brass with round solid wood rings in black lacquered piano finish.

Vintage Wicker Lounge Chair

Pure vintage and classic, yet a neat fit in a contemporary interior setting, this Windsor chair in teak wood, wicker weave and antiquated brass rivets is evocative of a by-gone charm. The old-world wicker work (which, sadly, is a fast-disappearing craft) plays a key part in textural play and creating a nostalgic air.

Art Deco Glass Pedestal

This stunning Art Deco glass pedestal accented with hand-cut mirror and abalone shell inlay is a definite conversation-starter. It works well by itself as an eye-catching corner piece, or can be used to display another beauty, such as a sculpture or an antique Ming vase…
Dwitya Peg Table

Dwitya Peg Table

The Dwitya Peg Table, a part of our new Rajbari Festive Collection, resonates the aesthetics of class with high-gloss vintage splendour. With a form reminiscent of a pillar, the base is accented with hammered brass while the top features high- gloss burgundy lacquered wood with mother of pearl rings with malachite inlay. A remarkable piece that easily qualifies for contemporary Indian chic style.

Photographs courtesy:PHX: Sebastian + Ira
Manhattan Console

Manhattan Console

Ochre at Home’s Manhattan Console, with compositions of various rectangles posed at different angels, is born out of our love for contemporary art – evidenced by Bose Krishnamachari’s ‘Stretched Bodies’ (from our private collection) gracing the wall . The console – more art than furniture – draws heavily from New York’s modern architectural forms and asymmetry of design. This design in matte – finished stained oak accentuated with hammered brass inserts makes it a definitive winner for lovers of contemporary style.

Photographs courtesy: PHX
Navami Mirror

Navami Mirror

The Navami Mirror is another presentation from our custom-crafted Rajbari Festive Collection this year. Nav is the new beginning that sets in on the ninth day of the Devi Puja, hence the name given to this uniquely handcrafted mirror frame. Featuring black and white chevron pattern rendered with semiprecious stones in black matt-finish wood, the frame is further accentuated with medallions of beaten brass. Representing a meeting of tradition and modernity, the festive piece epitomises contemporary Indian design.

Photographs courtesy:PHX: Sebastian + Ira
The Dove Chair

The Dove Chair

In Kolkata, once the capital of British India, it is impossible to take away the influence of vintage English work in design and styling. Ochre at Home’s Dove Chair explores the old technique of making handcrafted furniture in solid wood complemented with intricate wood carving in Victorian style. Upholstered in embroidered SaritaHandafabric, the piece adorns a colourful contemporary twist. The Dove Chair is one of Ochre’s well appreciated accent furniture that has gone into being a conversation piece into many homes.

Photographs courtesy: PHX

Vintage Trio Lounge Chair

Vintage wow! A Victorian easy chair turns into a fun, sparky piece by teaming its dignified teakwood carved frame with a combination of fabrics from Atmosphere. A lovely and unusual addition to eclectic interiors — especially a study corner or a library — this piece is a tasteful example of classic meets chic.

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